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In addition to OKtoberfest, we also celebrate Hunter's Feast and Maifest each year. We will have information about the dates and festivities on our home page as we get closer to those events.

Hunter's Feast

Late February - early March


Every year "Maifest" is celebrated throughout Germany, to welcome the  arrival of spring.

Traditionally, a few days before the first of May, a group of young men go into the local forest to select a tree to bring back to the village. All the branches are removed and only the top (crown) is left. The crown symbolizes fertility and is an important part of the tree. The tree is then placed upright near the town square, where it is decorated by the local women. Wreaths, garlands, local crests and carvings will adorn the "Maibaum" to show off the history and craftsmanship of the village. During the early part, before the tree is decorated, local men have to guard the tree to prevent neighboring fellows from stealing it. On May 1st, people celebrate "Maifest", while singing and dancing around the "Maibaum".

Bayern Stube


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